ERASPAASERASPAAS - Internet of Things

ERASPAASERASPAAS - Internet of Things

Dynamic Website

Connected with CRM

Web Application for Online Services

The key focus during development of Eraspaas has been 'People' while they are at home and also while they are at work. So the result is a technology that learns users instead of users learning it.

The platform is designed to connect and serve people both within and outside organizations.

For businesses that needs multiple website that are inter-connected with enterprise software and are aligned with business processes and policies; Eraspaas provides a platform for developing separate website to cater to different user groups.

For example -

  • i. you can have a public website for internet visitors,
  • ii. A site for registered users (or your customers) where they can sign in for service request or place orders,
  • iii. A site for your staff to review and act on service requests or orders, or interact with customers.

Further these websites can connect seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implemented on Eraspaas.

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